Owners Information

This is some basic information for owners and residents at Villas at Northgate. If you still have questions after reading this, please call All County® Colorado Springs, CRMC at: (719) 445-7172 during business hours. We’ll be happy to help you! You can download a PDF version of the Onwers Information on this page.

If you're a new owner at Villas at Northgate, please download and fill out the New Owner Registration Form on this page. You can then send it or email it to our office.

Property Management

All County® Colorado Springs, CRMC is taking up the management responsibilities of the Villas at Northgate HOA beginning in December of 2021. We are easing our way into this, so if you have any suggestions or questions, we’d be happy to hear them.

If you have any issue with the community, we’re the right place to turn. You can call or email us during business hours.

Paying HOA Dues

Your HOA dues are $300 per month until the end of the year. Starting January, 2022, the dues go up to $411 per month. They are payable in advance on the first day of the month. You become delinquent after the 10th, at which time a late charge of $25.00 plus 18% (per annum) per month is assessed. Get those dues in early!

Your statement is only a helpful reminder of your dues. You must pay your dues regardless of whether you receive a statement. Use your Unit Number as your account number when paying your dues. Include all numbers and letters.

Examples: AB1234C, AB1234, 1234C

Pay by Check

Make your check payable to Villas at Northgate Owners Association and mail your check to:

Villas at Northgate Owners Association
811 S. Tejon Street
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80903

Pay Online

Go to the Resident Portal at: https://bit.ly/3lSla3Q to pay your dues with a credit card or bank account number online. Please contact our office for a username and password.

Automatic Withdrawal

Go to the Resident Portal at: https://bit.ly/3lSla3Q to set up automatic withdrawal. This is an easy way to make sure your dues are paid on time every month.


Mailboxes are the homeowner’s or your landlord’s responsibility. If you need a key to your mailbox, please contact your landlord or a locksmith.

Architectural Control Committee

No Improvement shall be placed, erected, installed or permitted to occur or exist on any Lot, nor shall the exterior of any existing Improvement be painted or altered, nor shall any construction be commenced on any improvements, nor shall any Landscaping be installed or modified, unless and until the plans and specifications for such Improvements shall have been submitted to and approved in writing by the Architectural Control Committee.

If you are interested in making an exterior modification to your home or landscaping, please contact All County® Colorado Springs, CRMC in writing, so that your request can be forwarded to the committee for review. You will receive a written response. Prior to commencement, you must have this approval in writing from the Architectural Control Committee.

How to get Help

As your management Company, All County® Colorado Springs, CRMC is your first point of contact on every issue involving the HOA, from work order requests to covenant violation reports.

You may call during our office hours: 9 AM to 4 PM, Monday through Friday. (Tuesdays is training for our staff from 11:30 AM to 1 PM, so avoid calling then.)

If you plan to visit us in person, please call ahead so we’re expecting you. To contact us about HOA matters involving issues like covenant violations, complaints or suggestions, put your thoughts in writing and forward them to us so that we may, in turn, keep them recorded and ensure they reach your Board of Directors for the appropriate response and follow up. Mail, email, and fax are all acceptable.

Covenants, Rules, and Regulations

As with any organized community, guidelines help maintain the quality of your neighborhood. As your management company, one of our directives is to understand and enforce all covenants, from pets to parking. To keep everything running smoothly, it’s important you have a good grasp of the covenants, so download a copy of the Governing Documents and read them carefully. They can be read and downloaded at: https://bit.ly/3dH4EPC.

Board of Directors

Your Board of Directors consists of owners who volunteer their time to serve the community. For this reason, contact All County® Colorado Springs, CRMC first to voice your concerns.

There are several ways to contact a board member.

  1. Attend one of the Board Meetings. Please call our office for specific dates of meetings.

  2. Write a letter, fax or email to us. We will forward it to the Board.

  3. Call us and request to have a Board Member call you back. We’ll then contact a member of the

    board and request they contact you directly.

  4. Go to the HOA website and fill out the form at: https://bit.ly/3EJ1N4L.

By following these procedures, you will allow your board members to govern effectively without having their private lives constantly interrupted.


O'Donnell Agency handles the HOA’s insurance requirements. Specific questions should be directed to them at: (719) 227-7100.

Noise Complaints

If you’re having trouble with noise from a neighbor, please contact them directly first. If this doesn’t solve the problem, filing a noise complaint with the police department is the next best alternative.

The HOA can write letters and issue fines after a certain period, but this process is very slow and generally is not as effective as calling the police.

10 PM to 7 AM is designated quiet time, with few exceptions. Please be respectful of your neighbors. If a resident has been contacted regarding a noise complaint, a second reminder may include a fine assessment.

Pet Rules

Pets are not allowed. You can read the exceptions to the Pet Rules by reading the latest HOA newletter at: https://bit.ly/3oS1leM.

Trash Pickup

Springs Waste Systems provides the trash service for the community. Please ensure your trash is placed curb side by 7 AM on Fridays. Springs Waster Systems can be contacted at:
(719) 634-7177.

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