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Villas At Northgate Owner-Investor Newsletter – Nov 2021

(Owner-Investors: The following information will repeat resident information to ensure inclusivity)
The Northgate Board of Directors (BOD) have taken the initiative, as part of our ongoing process improvements, to send out periodic
updates on your investment. The following are some current issues that you need to be aware of.

  1. All-County Colorado Springs Management Company (ACCSMC) HOA Payments
    The BOD has authorized operational payments of $2000.00 or less without electronic approval of 2 BOD members. Payments in excess of $2,000.00 will go through our routine checks and balances and 2 BOD electronic signatures. All payments will comply with full disclosure and standard accounting procedures.
  2. HOA Dues
    HOA dues will increase to $411/month effective on 1 Jan 2022. Payments can be done either by check, ACH or electronic bill paying transfers. Coordinate payments with ACCSM, VillasatNorthgate@allcountycs.com.
  3. Annual HOA Meetings
    A hybrid Annual Meeting system has been implemented. Owners/proxies can attend in person or by teleconference.
  4. Individual Property Management Contact Information
    Please send your applicable individual property management contact information to VillasatNorthgate@allcountycs.com .
  5. Snow Staging
    As part of our common road sharing policy with Thrive Commercial LLC, which is the business development just south of our community, we are now able to stage snow on the dead end of this street. This will open up 3 guest parking slots in our community during significant snow falls.
  6. Future Gated Community
    The BOD is in the process of securing our community with an electronic gate system at each of our entrance-exit sites. Future rules of engagement will be forth coming when this gate system is nearing installation. The overriding goal of this system is ease of operation, convenience and providing a safe and quiet neighborhood. Our competitive bid process is still being negotiated between 2 vendors. Land Development LLC has submitted $50,000 to fund this endeavor.
  7. Future Entry Sign Construction
    Two information signs, for public viewing, will be placed on the outside of our future automated locking gates. Each informational sign will contain emergency phone numbers to: All-County Colorado Springs Management Company (ACCSMC), VAN authorized towing company, rental and sales news directed to ACCSMC and our automated gate servicing company. If you have any other community orientated informational suggestions, please let us know.
  8. Dog Policy Review
    Villas At Northgate is now officially a NO dog community due to the numerous noise complaints, safety issues, landscaping damages and unsightly dung left behind on our and surrounding neighborhoods.
    The only exception to this NO dog policy, going forward, will be Federal and Colorado State compliant service and/or emotional support animals that have been registered with the Villas at Northgate Homeowners Association (VAN HOA).
    Previously, approved, and registered non-service/emotional support animals will be grandfathered in but must abide with all the VAN HOA rules and regulations. These directives cover lack of dog owner supervision, biting incidents, noise disturbances, landscaping damage, violating VAN HOA’s 2-dog over 35 pounds each policy, violating VAN HOA’s $100 annual registration fee and continually ignoring VAN HOA’s $50 per month fine for owners who have not registered their dog annually. Penalties will range from increasing fines and to dog removal.
    If you have any suggestions and/or concerns now or in the future, you will need to contact either your landlord/owner or property manager and he or she will forward them to the responsible authority.
  9. Rental Rates
    For your information, here are a couple of websites, as a comparison, for rental rates in the Colorado Springs area.
    RentCafé Apartment List

If you have any suggestions and/or concerns, now or in the future, on how to improve your investment, please contact Kari Rodriquez at: VillasatNorthgate@allcountycs.com.

All the Best!

Tina Swonger
President, Villas at Northgate Homeowners Association

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